Do you know how essential your child’s gut health is to their development and wellbeing?

3 Ways to Improve and Maintain Babies Gut Health

Below 3 ways you can improve your babies gut health.

  1. High Fibre Diet

Fibre is a key component to digestive health: fibre works to regulate bowel movements and soften stools to make them easier to pass.


2. Probiotic Supplements

Kids can be picky eaters so a good way to ensure they get the good bacteria their gut needs is to take a probiotic supplement.


3. Boost bottle-feeding

Compliment your baby’s milk by adding probiotics to their formula. Try our clinically researched GastroHealth Probiotic Baby Drops. They are easy to use- all you have to do is add 6 drops to your babies milk, water or juice!

More research into digestive health is showing that it is important to have a healthy gut microbiome. A healthy microbiome is necessary for adults as well as children.

# From 4 months onwards


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