5 reasons that gut health is beneficial to your baby’s health and wellbeing.

5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know for their Child

As a parent we know how important it is that our child is healthy and happy. What you may not know is how essential your child’s gut health is to their development and wellbeing.

Below are 5 reasons that gut health is beneficial to your baby’s health and wellbeing.

  1. Sleep Quality

Babies, children, and teens need significantly more sleep than adults to support their rapid mental and physical development. Your gut health, also known as the microbiome, plays a major role in sleep. This is because the gut produces upwards of 90 percent of our body’s serotonin, the neurotransmitter that influences mood and healthy sleep patterns.


2. Immune Support

Your gut wall houses 70 percent of the cells that make up your immune system so a healthy gut is essential to support a strong immune system.

3. Optimal Nutrient Absorption

To give your child the best start possible, you would want to make certain that they have the best nutrients available. An unsettled or upset tummy may impact the way your infant enjoys a healthy diet. Probiotics play an important role in maintaining a healthy gut microbiome.

4. Digestion

Research shows the importance of digestive health, gut bacteria and how the digestive system is associated with general health. Having a healthy digestive system helps your baby develop the necessary building blocks to support a healthy immune system.

5. Settled Tummy

A happy tummy, leads to a happy baby. We often find that our baby’s unsettled tummy is caused by an unbalanced digestive system. This is why it’s important to make sure your baby has the right balance of good and bad bacteria in their tummy. Add 6 drops of our GastroHealth Probiotic Baby Drops to your babies milk, water or juice to help the balance of good and bad bacteria.


Our GastroHealth Probiotic Baby Drops can help assist these 5 things. They are so easy to use and dairy free, gluten free, soy free and non GMO.

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