No more PMS, cramps, bloating or fear of wearing white pants!

The Lighter Side of Menopause

Why you should celebrate menopause and the next chapter in your life!

  1. You never have to buy, or use, tampons again!
  2. No more PMS, cramps, bloating or fear of wearing white pants
  3. You won’t get pregnant! But just to be safe, wait 12 – 18 months after your last period to have unprotected sex. Because imagine telling all your friends you are about to be a mummy again…
  4. Your children are (hopefully) a little older now and more independent. They are getting on with their lives, and so can you!
  5. Less time looking after children = more time for you!
  6. Time you can reinvest in your career, your hobbies, your partner and yourself
  7. You can go travelling
  8. You can spend more time with your partner

Menopause? Lucky you!!!

If you are now going through menopause – lucky you! No seriously…you are one of the lucky ones. Just think of the generations of women who went before you, stretching back through the decades and over the centuries, who never had the choices, the information, the science and the knowledge that you are lucky enough to have access to today.

Makes you stop and think. Imagine going through menopause and just ‘having to put up with it’, without any relief, because it wasn’t talked about, and there were few options.

Think about going through menopause when there was limited medical understanding – and empathy – of women’s health issues. Imagine going through menopause when choice wasn’t as available, women weren’t encouraged to ask questions, and the opportunity to seek solutions tailored to your needs was out of your hands.

Yes. Today if you are going through menopause, you are one of the really lucky ones! You can make informed decisions, based on research, knowledge, understanding and empathy. And the amount of knowledge the medical, scientific and naturopathic community now has! It’s exciting.