GastroHealth Rehydrate Electrolytes

GastroHealth Rehydrate Electrolytes + Orange

Recover quicker with GastroHealth Rehydrate – an advanced rehydration formula to help:
– Dehydration
– Stomach upsets
– Occasional hangovers
– Post exercise recovery
– Vitality & energy
– Immune system function



Oral Powder Sachets


Billion CFU

Key Active Ingredients

Inulin 500mg, Glucose Monohydrate 2601mg, Sodium Chloride 712mg equiv. Sodium 280mg, Potassium Citrate 400mg equiv. Potassium 144.8mg, Citric Acid 600mg, Thiamine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1) 28.03mg equiv. Thiamine 25mg, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 15mg, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 12mg, Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) 5μg, Lactobacillius acidophilus 2 billion CFU. Electrolytes and glucose per litre of prepared solution: sodium 61mmol, potassium 20mmol, chloride 61mmol, citrate 22mmol, glucose 66mmol.


Electrolytes + Probiotics + B Vitamins:
GastroHealth Rehydrate contains more than just electrolytes to help relieve symptoms of dehydration. The addition of B Vitamins relieves weariness and promotes energy, whilst probiotics relieve symptoms of digestive upset and  upport healthy digestion.

The Power of Probiotics
The key to a healthy microbiome is the balance of good and bad bacteria.  Everyday lifestyle factors such as fatty foods, alcohol, antibiotic use and strenuous physical activity can disrupt this balance. Probiotics help maintain the balance of good bacteria, relieve diarrhoea and boost immunity.

Adults (12 years and over):
Take 1 sachet every 2-4 hours.
Max. 6 sachets per day.

How to use:
1) Fill a glass or container with 200 ml of cold drinking water.
2) Empty the contents of one sachet into the glass or container and stir until the powder has dissolved completely.
3) Sip the solution slowly.
4) Discard any unused solution after 2 hours.